Digital Marketing tips for business during Covid-19 Quarantine.

Suddenly life changed as we know it. And everyone can’t stop talking about coronavirus and to be honest it may seem like a nightmare that doesn’t want to end, but we need to be stronger, face the wave and understand that it may take a while to get over this pandemic. There are over 300,000 cases currently confirmed cases and the number keeps growing exponentially. There is no way to tell how far will it go but it has already sparked fears of global economic recession that will only mean one thing!
Countries that haven’t been infected with the virus will be affected too.

Tips to keep your business afloat.

During hard times, consumers only remember who cared for them and kept their contact with, so you must remain in touch with them or risk losing them entirely. You will need to be around your customers so that they interact with your brands and your only available way is through social media and search engine results. And if you keep on doing this, your customer’s loyalty and engaging will be a guarantee.

Content marketing.

It should be a major part of your digital marketing campaigns if you want to retain your existing customers. You could share developments in your industry or news about your progress or show your customers what distinguishes your products from your competitors.

Conquer platforms.
Engage more with your audience; be present on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook because those are the chilling places for everyone in quarantine now. Create a cost-efficient plan to reach your customers at all points of the social media funnel. Listen carefully to their interests which will give you guidance to create more targeted advertising.
Improve your image in front of prospective customers.
Investing more in brand awareness campaigns and Marketing agencies will be very profitable for you during these difficult times because when you engage more people to your brand, it will create a sense of liking to your services and products because they are familiar with them.  Marketing your business right now may seem impractical but it will earn you long term benefits.

Update existing content.

 If you already have a blog, revise the old ones; refine them to improve your search engine results page.

Optimize your conversions.

You can do that by sharing positive stories and social proof of the quality of your business i.e: Reviews.
You can also post case studies, recommendations at each touch point in your marketing plan.

Evaluate performance.
If you don’t evaluate then you won’t improve therefore you’ll be wasting money. These can be done through targets with regards to sales, leads, referrals and upsells.

Measure ROI (return on investment) from social media.

It’s possible that resources run out, as they are bound to in the wake of corona virus. Hard choices will be made but don’t ever take a break on social media, before making this decision; you should evaluate how much it has contributed to your business in terms of visibility and engagement, not just profit.
Stay Safe, and know that every hardship must have an end.

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